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June Member Spotlight – ACTS

Adult Client Training Services serving the Olivia area over 50 yearsTell us about ACTS

Adult Client Training Service, Inc. (ACTS) is a non-profit service in Olivia. Our doors opened in 1967 as a day activity center for children and adults with disabilities. Over fifty years later we remain serving the area as one of the top day service facilities assisting developmentally disabled adults and people with related conditions in west central Minnesota. The ACTS Thrift Store and Used Furniture & More Store are part of our organization assisting individuals with disabilities to work in a competitive environment with emphasis on their full integration into the larger community.

ACT June Spotlight
The ACTS Community Cleaning Crew: Clyde, Tasha, Jason, Keith, Vivita, Curt, Karen, Melissa

Our on-going goal is to help individuals achieve the fullest, most rewarding life possible, with an eye always on personal growth, and maximizing and developing individual talents. The store provides self-sufficiency opportunities in the community for people with barriers to employment, helping them to realize their full potential. The stores also help to build skills and gain experience in a retail setting. Clients learn acceptance of supervision, ability to stay on task, punctuality, interpersonal skills and adherence to safety rules. ACTS also has community cleaning crews consisting of 2-4 individuals along with a job coach. We currently have contracts to clean the Olivia Public Library, City of Olivia Office Buildings, Renville County Government Center, Olivia City Shop, Beck’s Seed Company, Olivia Liquor Store, AEI of Renville, Olivia Swimming Pool, Olivia Chrysler, Zion Lutheran Church, Quality Title along with several residential houses.

Introduce us to your team of employees and owners

ACTS is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of various members of our local communities. We currently have 9 board members. ACTS Executive Director, Karen Borden, is responsible for the day-to-day operations at ACTS. We boast a staff of 30 employees and 51 clients.

Who are your customers and why do they choose to do business here?

Thrifters from all over the area come to our thrift stores to find fantastic bargains. We sell everything from knick knacks and clothing to furniture! All proceeds go towards helping the people ACTS serves.

Any promotions or events we should be aware of?

ACTS has a fundraiser every year over the Corn Capital Days weekend. We have delicious walking tacos available in air conditioned comfort at our main building which happens to be right next to the Friday night street dance in Olivia! We will be serving our tacos from 4:00-Midnight on Friday, July 23. Come and support a great cause!

Anything else you’d like to share with readers?

ACTS staff and clients would like to extend a round of applause and a huge THANK YOU to all people who donate their gently used items to our thrift stores. Our donors have been wonderfully generous and help make our thrift stores successful.Please visit our website to learn more about ACTS: and

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