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April Member Spotlight – Beck’s Hybrids

Tell us about Beck’s Hybrids:

Beck’s Hybrids is headquarted in Atlanta, Indiana; residing on 80 acres purchased in 1901 by Lawrence Beck. Beck’s was started in 1937 by Lawrence Beck and his son Francis by planting each a three-acre allotment of hybrid parent seed corn offered by the Purdue Botany Department. We are the largest family-owned, retail seed company in the United States. Throughout the Midwest Beck’s has fifteen facilities serving customers in fourteen states. Our company is led by Sonny Beck, CEO; Scott Beck, President; and Tom Hooper, Director of Business. 

Becky's Hyrbird employees
Olivia facility. Back row (l-r): Craig Gartner, Leif Carlson, Bob Fesenmaier, Nate Erickson, and Sam Thies.  Middle row: Wendi Davis, Craig Frank, Brad Serven, Kurt Edwards, Jay Gass, and Zac Latzke. Front row: Natasha Gardeen, Todd Frank, Sheri Swenson, Miranda Mathiason, Nancy Sussner and Janie Revier.

Introduce us to your team of employees and owners:

The committment by the Beck’s family is to honor God, by maintaining our relationships with integrity and honesty in all we do. The Beck’s Olivia facility operates with Sales Support, Wareshousing, and Research teams as well as a Soybean Grower Manager. Currently, the site has twelve full time staff plus seasonal help. In the summer we employ up to fifty individuals to assist the corn research team. 

Who are your customers and why do they choose to do business here?

We serve farmers in fourteen states. Beck’s strives to provide all customers with the tools they need to succeed on their farm. The mission of Beck’s is to provide our customers with the best in seed quality, field performance, and service. Beck’s corn, soybeans, wheat, and elite alfalfa are backed by our 100 percent Replant Policy, and protected by Beck’s Escalate®, yield enhancement system, a proprietary seed treatment. 

Any promotions or events we should be aware of

Please see Programs tab for promotions. Also, we can connect you to our Seed Dealers by calling 320-400-3972. We have a large field show planned for August 18, 2021 near Gibbon. 

Anything else you’d like to share with readers?

A unique perk of working on site is that lunch is provided to employees. A local tradition our site has is to occassionally play a few rounds of “tape roll.” The purpose is to build comradery. We simply navigate the infrastructure and obstacles with rolling a roll of duct tape from point A to B and includes lots of laughs along the way. We have annually supported the Red Kettle campaign by ringing in front of B&D for a day each December. 

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