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November Chamber Spotlight–Kraft Walser Law Office

Picture of Lawyers at Kraft Walser

Front Row:Gloria Kottom and Phillip Horsager

Back Row: Christine Revier, Sene Zupke, and Jean Marcus

About Kraft Walser
Kraft Walser Law has been providing quality legal services since 1916. They are a general practice law firm, where you work with an attorney who concentrates in the specific area of law you need. Kraft Walser’s team provides accessible legal advice guiding clients through the complex legal system with their experience and expertise. Kraft Walser Law firm offers over one hundred years of legal representation. Some areas of law include; business law, employment law, personal injury law, estate planning law, probate law, medical assistance law, insurance claims law, family and divorce law, farm and ag law, and real estate law.

Tell us about your customers and why they choose Kraft Walser?
As a general practice firm, we work with a wide variety of individuals and businesses.
– Attorneys specializing in family law work with people getting divorced or adopting a child.
– When working with estate planning clients, we assist families planning to ensure their children are properly cared for in the event of an untimely death, to elderly individuals who want to make things as simple as possible for their families, and everything in between. Similarly, when an individual passes away, we assist families in probating the estate of a loved one or disbursing assets in a trust.
– Our office is also an agent for Attorney’s Title Guaranty Fund, permitting us to issue title insurance policies in connection with the purchase and financing of real estate, and often work with banks, realtors, and individuals looking to sell or buy a home when a realtor is not involved.
– Attorneys in our office also specialize and are able to assist our clients in business organization, civil litigation, and Medical Assistance planning.
Our primary focus is client satisfaction, by working to achieve our clients’ goals in a timely manner, at a competitive price, and with a smile. We truly enjoy helping our clients and making the process as simple for them as possible. There is no greater compliment than a past or current client referring us to others.

What else should people know about Kraft Walser?
We are not just a law firm, we are also a small business committed to supporting our community and local organizations. Outside of work, our attorneys and staff volunteer their time by working with non-profits, schools, and other organizations. We want our community to be a great place to live and to work.

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