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Espoir by Autum Ribbon Cutting Thursday August 31st, 4PM at the Corn Cob!

August 31, 2023 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Here’s a note from Autum: “My name is autum stryker and I am 16 years old I have been making therapeutic coloring/workbooks for over 3 years now. I also like to volunteer and spend time in my community whenever and wherever I can. One thing I like to do is make blankets for the blessing bags and for hospitals. The books are for people who are/have gone through various mental health journeys. I started making the books as a tribute to my grandma who went through cancer. I made the book called calmness in the chaos which is a cancer coloring/ workbook. These are the books I make and what journeys they are for.
Veteran/PTSD Therpudic Workbook/Coloring Book:
This book is to the healing soldier in need and someone who had been through hard things. It is a gift given to you to say thank you for all that you have done. This book is a resource to utilize whenever any trauma or PTSD triggers arise, or when you need a reminder you are enough and have done enough. You have taken your life and done important and impactful work with it. Our country is free because of you and we acknowledge our freedom came at a cost. There is no words of actions that can thank you enough for what you have done.
Calmness in the Chaos:
This coloring book is a perfect outlet and inspiration for those who have cancer or have had cancer. This book will inspire you through your cancer journey by providing helpful and motivational affirmations to color! The book also has a few pages on facts about coloring and a page dedicated to the creators grandma, the inspiration for the book, pages filled with affirmations and simple yet lovely images to color, and some worksheets that help with mindfulness, motivation, and self care during your cancer journey.
Triumphing Trauma:
This coloring book was created by me to help anyone who has gone through or is currently going through trauma. Trauma comes in many forms and impacts individuals on different levels. All trauma is valid. This book will bring peace and empowerment into your life, one page at a time. The book is 52 pages. Two pages are for education on the topic of trauma. There is also a personal message for the owner of the book. The other 50 pages are filled with empowering affirmations and images to color.
Affirmations For Kids:
Moms, Dads, Aunties, Uncles, Babysiters, Teachers, and all other caregivers or gardians who take care of childern and preteens, I have a resource for you and your kiddos. Kids LOVE to color. This is a great resource that kids can use to color and look at that remind them of how wonderful they are. Being a kid and growing up in this scary and confusing world can be really hard at times. They can be confused about who they are and can be confused by those around them who influence them on a daily basis and sometimes even on social media. This coloring book is a great resource to ground them and to bring them back to who they are and what they are capable of! It is a book that will build their self confidence in every area of life. Kids are our future, so why don’t we start by teaching them to have a strong backbone and a strong confidence in their capabilities? It’s starts here and now. ⬇️ The book is 60 pages. Inside there are pages filled with affirmations that kids can understand. The affirmations apply to thier everyday and can help them when they are having a difficult time. Above I provided some examples of the pages in the book, but you can contact me for more images if you are considering a book!
Large Print Senior Coloring Book:
Boredom is detrimental for seniors. The feeling of having nothing to do or nothing to focus on can lead to loneliness and depression in many older adults. Coloring focuses the brain on a single goal and provides mental stimulation. It improves concentration and provides a physical representation of a completed project, which can also boost thier confidence. Aging can be hard for everyone, that is why I created a coloring book for seniors that was filled with affirmations to boost their confidence and bring joy back into their lives. The affirmations inside the book are geared toward those who are having a hard time as they age and reminds them that they are loved and important. This is a great gift to give to a loved one, donate to nursing homes and assisted living facilities, give to your senior parents, give to your grandparents or great grandparents, or anyone else you can think of!
The Sun Will Rise Again:
This Disordered Eating and Body Image coloring book will help guide you to a healthier relationship with yourself and your body. On your hardest days, this is a great resource to help you get through them. This book is filled with body neutral, body positive, food affirmations, recovery affirmations, and worksheets on self confidence, self care, and more.
If you personally struggle with any of the journeys listed above, consider getting a book for yourself to help you along your journey. If you know of anyone who is struggling in your life, consider giving them a book. A small gesture that will help tremendously!

To check out the books, click the website link below!”


August 31, 2023
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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